101+ Best Happy Independence Day Wishes, Messages, Greetings & SMS 2018

101+ Best Happy Independence Day Wishes, Messages, Greetings & SMS 2018: The improvement in science and technology have given rise to consumerism to a large extent but still people wait for the wishes from their one. The only thing that has changed is the means by which you wish your mom ones. So are you looking for the best collection of Happy Independence Day 2018 Wishes, Messages & SMS? if yes then you come to the right place because today we are going to publish top 101+ Best Happy Independence Day 2018 Wishes & Greetings for Friends Mom.

Happy Independence Day Wishes 2018: wishing you a happy Independence day to you and your family. There are numerous ways possible which enables you to wish your family members, relatives, and colleagues. The market is also waiting with numerous varieties of materials by which you can send a gift to your mom ones. You can share our best Happy Independence Day Wishes, Messages and SMS with your mummy via Messaging apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Hike.

Famous Or Unique Happy Independence Day 2018 Wishes, Greetings, Messages: But still the personal communication is still preferred most by anyone if possible. Never forget to wish personally who waits for your Independence Day wish, no harm if you add up some more gifts for them but try your best to wish them personally. Get the best Independence Day Wishes Whatsapp, Facebook, And Hike.

101+ Best Happy Independence Day Wishes, Messages, Greetings & SMS 2018

Actually, these occasions play a very vital role in our daily life. In the whole stretch of our survival, we are busy with some routine work throughout our life. The life gets monotonous, a boring experience is felt by each one of us. Here, We are providing the best collection of Independence Day Wishes, Messages, Greetings 2018 for Friends Independence, Aunts, And Grand Independence etc..


Happy Independence Day Wishes
Happy Independence Day Wishes


Top Hundred Happy Independence Day Wishes 2018: Hopes starts dwindling with success are not very common to most, in this situation some hope can be poured in to tighten the reign of existence. A simple and sincere Happy Independence Day Wish can change the mood and make someone stand again and struggle out the adversaries of life which gets close.

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Happy Independence Day Wishes Messages

“I salute our heroes who laid down their lives for you and me to enjoy liberty today. You can now walk with pride, and your head held up high as we enjoy the fruits of their hard work. Raise a glass in their honour and always remember to give back to the society. Happy Independence Day to a true patriot.”

Before we celebrate the freedom we should not forget to remember those who laid down their lives for us. Happy 15th of August.

The country has given me freedom, power, and opportunity. I feel so proud to be a citizen of India! Happy 15th of August!

May India always flourish and celebrate many more years of independence.

There are no perfect words which can describe the feeling of gratitude I feel towards my country. Proud to be an Indian.

In this land that is so blessed, may you rejoice and step out with confidence. Someone paid the price so you can be happy. Enjoy your Independence Day.

Make this 15th Of August memorable by counting the blessings and appreciating our freedom.

Independence is the most precious present one can enjoy. Take time and understand what independence means to you.

All I have is a token of thanks for the heroes who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

I see the ocean and the sky, Today on the glorious 15th of August. Stripes of red and white, Stand regal on stars very bright. I honor survivors on what they have done.

Happy Independence Day Wishes To a friend

I salute all our brave soldiers who persevered until we received our freedom. You will live to be honored. Happy Independence Day.”

“Let us fight to maintain the peace our heroes fought and sacrificed for by showing love to each other. Let us live in peace and harmony as true patriots. Happy Independence Day.”

If you opened my heart today, you would find it full of pride. Pride for freedom and independence that our great soldiers fought for. Happy Independence Day.”

“Raise a glass in honour of our veterans who laid down their lives for this country to be free today. Happy Independence Day true soldiers.”

Let’s Take Decision To Value Our Nation Won’t Forget Those Sacrifices, Who Gave Us Freedom Happy independence day.

On Independence Day Here’s wising your dreams of a New tomorrow come true… Now and Always Happy Independence Day to you.

Independence is a Precious gift from God. May We Always Remain Independent. A Very Happy Independence Day To You.

As We Celebrate On This Day Remember That No Nation Is Perfect It Needs To Be Made Perfect Happy Independence Day Proud to be an Indian.

Thousands of soldiers laid down their lives so that we can live freely. Obliged to the martyrs. Happy Independence Day!!

We are indebted to our national heroes who lost their lives in the battle for freedom.jai Hind

Happy Independence Day Wishes To My Brother

Let the fireworks light up the sky, As we celebrate the 15th of August!

Indian! Listen up! I want you to have a very happy August 15th! That’s a request directly from Uncle Rathore!

Let’s celebrate a peaceful life in our land by remembering all national heroes who gave us freedom! Have a wonderful Independence Day!

We honour our Independence Day with a parade and fireworks, For all the world we say “Proud to be Indians!”

Hurray for the Red, White and Blue! Forever in peace may our flag wave. Happy 15th of August!

Home of the free because of the brave! Enjoy your freedom!

By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall. Independence day is a good time to think who we are and how we got here. God bless our country!

It’s a day to celebrate and to cheer, the 15th of August is finally here! United all we stand And protect forever our land!

We were the privileged lot to have been born in a free country. We were able to breathe the fresh free air since our birth. We remember our national heroes today. Together we have proved ourselves worthy of freedom!

It’s 15-th of August. Wishing you a sparkling holiday!

“Even though I am miles away from, I cannot forget to celebrate this special day that our country got Independence. Happiest Independence Day to you all!”

“If you open my heart today; you will find it filled with pride, pride and more pride for my motherland. Happy Independence Day!”

“Let us unite to make our nation perfect for the future generation so that we too can be honoured like those that fought for our Independence. Happy Independence Day!”

“Raise a glass as a tribute to the veterans who defended this country so that today we can be free. Happy Independence Day to our Veterans!”

“Fight to eradicate corruption from our beautiful motherland, to preserve the freedom that was dearly fought for. Happy Independence Day!”

“Today we hold hand in brotherly love and unity to pay respect to those who died that we may be able to celebrate this day. Happy Independence Day!”

Happy Independence Day Messages For Friends, Uncle, Brother, Father

“Let’s work together to make this a better nation and celebrate this day; the day we gained the freedom to love, to act, to think, to have faith and to speak. Happy Independence Day!”

“To show love to our nation is by not forgetting the sacrifices made so that we can have the freedom today. Celebrate this day with pride. Happy Independence Day!”

“Join me to celebrate the 1618 languages in our country; India. Happy Independence Day!”

“Receive warm wishes of respect and honor for our country from my family to yours. Happy Independence Day!”

“I take this opportunity to wish you a blessed Independence Day full of love, peace and freedom!”

“May you be surrounded by our brothers and sisters on this special day to celebrate our beloved nation. Happy Independence Day!”

“Let all the youths arise and pour their zeal into the celebration of our mother India! Happy Independence to all the youths in the country!”

“I salute all the brave soldiers to persevered until we got our independence, you will forever be honoured. Happy Independence Day!”

“Happy Independence Day to you! This is your chance to show true patriotism.”

“Let us all maintain the peace that our heroes fought for by loving each other in peace and harmony. Happy Independence Day!”

Happy Independence Day Greeting For Brother, Friends Father, Uncle

Revolution is a sacred right of mankind. Freedom is an everlasting birthright of all. Labor is the true sustainer of the people, the dominion of the ultimate fortune of the workers. We should never disregard our Independence Day or heroes who sacrificed for our country. They fought on and never gave up until we received our freedom. We should keep up the patriotic spirit they shared with their fellow countrymen.”

“Remember the sacrifice of our freedom fighters that formed this country. Rejoice and celebrate this day with pride. Independence Day greetings sent specially for you and your entire family.”

“On this Independence Day, take a minute or two to thank God for such a precious gift. Take time to cherish your life and your motherland. Not forgetting the sacrifice made by our heroes who have made this day a reality.”

“On this special day, may you take pleasure in the freedom, not just the one preserved in our constitution; but may you delight in God’s blessings of true freedom in your thoughts, mind, and Let’s take a decision to value each other. Respect our country and be true patriots in respect of those who sacrificed their own lives to save our country. It is now our turn to give back to the society.”

“Do not take your independence and freedom for granted. Someone had to make many sacrifices and work hard for it to be. Celebrate the true spirit of freedom by giving back to the society. May this Independence Day fill your life with happiness, peace, and Happy Independence Day.”

“As you celebrate your day of Independence, give some thought of what happened decades ago when we were still in bondage. Our forefathers signed an agreement and offered to give their blood in exchange for this day. What more can we give them in return than being true patriots? It is our time to guard and protect our country’s wealth and freedom.”

“Independence is among the most valuable gifts one can benefit from. This day God granted this gift to our freedom fighters. Some died with the hope of seeing a new day while others were lucky enough to witness My prayer is for God to keep blessing us always so that our coming generations will also enjoy the sweetness of Independence. Wishing you a peaceful and great day.”

“This country will remain the home of the liberated only, as long as we make it the land of the brave. Others might forget, but I will never forget. Every time I look at the flag of this country furling so high, it always reminds me the true freedom fighters. Patriots who traded their blood for the freedom of our country. Happy Independence Day.”

“Freedom is one of the most expensive commodities. No amount of money will be enough to buy freedom. It is the result of sacrifices and struggles of many brave Let us reverence them today and always by fighting and defending the welfare of this country. Happy Independence Day.”

“May our country always flourish and continue celebrating many better and prosperous years of Independence. When my country prospers I prosper too, for that reason, I will never stop praying for its freedom and prosperity. Wishing you a blessed and very Happy Independence Day.”

“May you enjoy moments of freedom coated with pride, carried with care, flying in glory, dipped in love and wrapped in shades of joy. Always be ready to face the bullets of our enemies or whatever it takes to enjoy the freedom and remain free as a country. Proud to be a true patriot. Happy Independence Day.”

“Pride in our hearts, faith in words, freedom in mind is the true reward of a free country. We should all take an oath that we will fight terrorist to our last breath. Pledge to protect our nation with all we have. That is the true spirit of patriotism. Happy Independence Day to you my fellow countrymen.”

“No inheritance is so great, no love is so deep, and no sacrifice is so real than giving your own life for the future generation. As I watch my flag wrap around with pride, I see the faces of our forefathers who gave it all for our sake. As we celebrate this day, pledge to honour their hard work by fighting for this country and passing it safe and intact to the next generation.”

“Take the future of this country in your hands. See it hidden in your palms. It is never too late to take your stand. You will be sorry if you let this moment pass. Let us honor our patriots, do not allow divisive politics take root in our country. Without them, we would never have tasted freedom. What they did, we can never repay. Happy Independence Day.”

“On this day, take time to think of our country’s past. Learn from our freedom fighters and stand in the gap to make this country a safe ‘haven’ for the next generation. This is the duty of all patriots. Your country is your pride, build it and watch as others take pride in it. Happy Independence Day.”

“I am always full of pride wherever I am. I walk with my head held high because I know I live in a free country. I do not and will never, however, take this freedom for granted because it was purchased with a martyr’s blood. They gave it all, left the comfort of their homes, the love of their families and the hope of life for my freedom.”

“As I celebrate our country’s freedom today, I am also celebrating the gift of a loving person like you. I’m also grateful to God for freedom of love. It was love that led to our forefathers giving up all they had to fight for our country. Let us purpose to spread the love to our countrymen and extend the gift of peace to all.”

Let us work together as a team to make our country a better place as we celebrate this day. The day we obtained the freedom to act, think, have faith, to love and to speak. Let us give to the poor, show mercy to the needy and feed the hungry. Let us all enjoy the beauty of freedom in unison. Happy Independence Day.”

“The best way of showing love to our country is by respecting the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters. They went through so much pain and struggled to make this day a reality. They bled so that we may live. No money can repay them for what they did. Respecting and protecting our country is the best gift we can give in return. Happy Independence Day.”

“As our flag rolls up high, let every furl bring pride, glory, and joy to your heart. May you exist to witness all the dreams you have for this country come true. Happy Independence Day.”

All in all, in this time of the year, bask in the joy and happiness and spread the same. Gifting Happy Independence Day Greeting Card, Gift Card & Ecards 2018 for Brother, Friends, Father, And Uncle is just a beautiful start to an Independence Day 2018 ahead of us.

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